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Rich in Love 2 (2023)

Rich in Love 2 (2023)


Rich in Love 2 (2023), directed by Bruno Garotti, is a delightful Brazilian comedy, music, and romance film. The story revolves around Paula, who leaves Rio de Janeiro to resume her work as a volunteer doctor in the Amazon. However, chaos ensues when Teto hatches an impulsive plan to follow her. This heartwarming movie is in Portuguese and is set in the beautiful backdrop of Brazil.

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Movie Info

  • Full Name: Rich in Love 2
  • Release Year: 2023
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Quality: 720p 10Bit x265 & 1080p x264 – WEB-HD
  • Format: MKV
Rich in Love 2 (2023)
Comedy, Music, Romance | 02 Jun 2023
N/A Rating: N/A
Follow the heartwarming journey of Paula and Teto in this Brazilian masterpiece filled with comedy, music, and romance.


Rich in Love 2 (2023) takes you on a captivating journey as Paula's selfless dedication to her work clashes with Teto's impulsive decision to follow her into the Amazon. The result is a chaotic and heartwarming tale of love and adventure amidst the lush landscapes of Brazil.

User Reviews

Here are some user reviews from IMDb:

  • "Rich in Love 2 is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys Brazilian cinema. The chemistry between the lead actors is palpable, and the music adds an extra layer of charm." - User123
  • "I couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie. The humor is spot on, and the romance is beautifully portrayed. Highly recommended!" - MovieLover456
  • "A delightful sequel that captures the essence of the original film. The Amazonian setting adds a unique twist to the story." - CinemaFanatic789

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Rich in Love 2 available in English?

No, Rich in Love 2 is primarily in Portuguese, but it may have subtitles available in English.

2. Where can I watch Rich in Love 2 online?

You can watch Rich in Love 2 on Movielink.xyz. Simply visit the website to access this delightful Brazilian film.

3. Does Rich in Love 2 have any awards?

As of now, Rich in Love 2 has not won any awards.

4. What is the runtime of Rich in Love 2?

Rich in Love 2 has a runtime of 88 minutes.

5. Who are the main actors in Rich in Love 2?

The main actors in Rich in Love 2 include Jaffar Bambirra, Aline Dias, and Giovanna Lancellotti.


Rich in Love 2 (2023) is a charming Brazilian comedy, music, and romance movie directed by Bruno Garotti. The film tells the heartwarming tale of Paula and Teto's journey into the Amazon and is filled with laughter, music, and romance. While it may not have received awards yet, it has garnered positive user reviews for its chemistry between the lead actors and its unique portrayal of love and adventure in the Brazilian rainforest. You can watch this delightful film on Movielink.xyz and immerse yourself in the beauty of Brazil's landscapes and the magic of love.

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